Puntpaprika specialist

Durable growth


SweetPoint produces with the least possible environmental impact. The organization is committed to take social responsibility in doing business. To respectfully operate within the environment, still based on the principles of sustainability, is a high priority for Sweetpoint.
In a closed cultivation system, water, fertilizer and other materials that the plants and fruits can’t absorb, are permanently reused and complemented by continuous recirculation.
SweetPoint cultivates organically. This means that on principle, no pesticides are used to fight off pests and diseases, but natural enemies are deployed.
Minimization of power consumption is realized by using so-called ‘Green Label’ greenhouses. These greenhouses, that use state-of-the art techniques, lose very little energy to their surroundings.
In addition, all growers of SweetPoint are equipped with a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) installation. This is in fact its own power plant, based on cogeneration. With the help of these installations, energy for the heating of greenhouses, CO² for better growth of the plants and electricity is produced. As more electricity is produced than is needed for its own use, a large part of it is delivered back to the national grid.
Grower Wim van der Lans in Made (NB) thus provides enough electricity to supply 2000 households of electricity.