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Organic pepper cultivation is something that we at SweetPoint take pride in. We are specialists when comes to peppers and we hold organic pepper cultivation in high regards. We always strive to create sustainable growth and do not use chemicals such as pesticides for our pest control. Instead we deploy the pests’ natural enemies. This and other measures are taken to keep our peppers as organically cultivated as possible. The result is lots of beautiful and delicious peppers that we distribute to wholesale traders, green grocers and supermarkets.

Organic and sustainable pepper cultivation by SweetPoint

At SweetPoint we use a number of cutting edge techniques to ensure an organic way of pepper cultivation. We try to use as little energy and materials as possible in the cultivation of our peppers. We accomplish this by using the following techniques:

  • We cultivate our peppers in green label greenhouses, these greenhouses have a special CHP installations which generate heat and co2 that is used by the pepper plants to grow. These installations also produce electricity which, if not used, is being send back into the power grid;
  • We use geothermal energy for heating our greenhouses, ensures that we require less fossil fuel;
  • We don’t throw anything away. Leftover water, fertilizer and other materials are re-used if not absorbed by the peppers and the peppers that don’t make the cut are being used in the preparation of other products such as pepper caviar.

If you are interested in our process of organic pepper cultivation and wish to know more, please contact us at +31(0)174 – 67 13 00.