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Pointed paprika

The organic pointed paprika is the main selling point of SweetPoint. We are a company based in the Netherlands and we have made the cultivation and distribution of the organic pointed paprika our business. Since 1996 when we first started cultivating a new sort of reasonably unknown pepper, we have grown to be experts with year-round cultivation and distribution channels, including our winter cultivation sites in Spain. Our innovative developments enable us to provide our customers with only the finest quality of the organic pointed paprika.

Organic pointed paprika, experience the difference for yourself

Here at SweetPoint we would like to invite you to experience the organic pointed paprika. Our paprika’s are sweet and are the result of many years of seed selection and improvement. The cultivation process is maximum biological . And that’s the reason why we love our product. It’s healthy delicious and an organic pointed paprika will brighten up any meal.

Find out for yourself why SweetPoint is the best pointed paprika cultivator

If you wish to find out more about our cultivation process and the wonderful and delicious products that we produce, we would like to invite you to call us at +31(0)174 – 67 13 00. We will gladly answer your questions and before you know it, your store will also have the organic pointed paprika’s grown by SweetPoint on display.