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Pointed pepper packing

Pointed pepper packing needs to be done in such a way you make sure that the taste and preservability of the pepper is guaranteed as much as possible. You also need to decide which pointed pepper gets chosen for packing and which ones are discarded. This in order to make sure that only the best of the best peppers get delivered to the customer. At SweetPoint we understand the proper packing of a pointed pepper like no other. For many years, our core business is in the cultivation and distribution of pointed peppers. Getting them to the stores just as fresh as when we harvest them takes experience and skill.

A pointed pepper unfit for packing still has its use

Within the context of sustainability and durability we don’t just throw away the peppers we cannot send to our customers. A pointed pepper that doesn’t get through the screening process of packing, is usually still of excellent quality. These peppers are usually undersized or shaped differently than the others. At SweetPoint we have our uses for these peppers. We process them in a variety of products such as:

  • Cheese;
  • Salsa;
  • Pepper based Vodka;
  • Our own specialty, paprika caviar.

Because of our efficient pointed pepper packing procedure, we have been able to expand our market and are now delivering our peppers across the border to many different countries in Europe. If you wish to know more and have an interest in our top-quality peppers, please contact us at +31(0)174 – 67 13 00.